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Coffee Shop Millionaire…a review

Have you seen the videos for the “Coffee Shop Millionaire”? They are hard to miss. They are everywhere. In 2011, I signed up for this program. Here’s what it really is. They claim you don’t need your own website. Wrong. … Continue reading

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Good Content Makes For Good Conversation

My marketing mentor Gregg Davison is found of many phrases. Many would be quick to recite his “It is always sunny when you are making money” quip. He is also keen on another important phrase when it comes to successful … Continue reading

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You Are Your Brand, Not Your Opportunity

A New Business It is seen quite often. Someone starts a new on-line business. They are enthusiastic. They are ready to go. Ready to rock. They place ads everywhere. They send e-mails to every list they can find. All of … Continue reading

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Three secrets to becoming debt free

There seems to be no shortage of gurus who sell all manner of programs that “guarantee” you will get debt free. Great, that’s what is needed. Spending more money. Yes, these programs work. Yes, they can be helpful. But why … Continue reading

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